Saravana Infotech

About Us

  • We are a premium web design and development company in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. We came together merging the best design skills in the industry with the most innovative coding know-how to create a premier juggernaut for all your website needs. If you have an idea, we can help you make it happen.
  • To provide high quality and extremely efficient web services to both the corporate world as well as individuals to set them on the way to success and ensure its longevity. Combining state of the art design skills, exceptional coding and cost effective processes, we aim to deliver powerful solutions for any and all website related needs.
  • Our aim is to stand out unique and proud in the industry and more importantly, to be held in high esteem, amongst our wonderful clients. We strive to create the best solutions for you so that we can bring your dreams to reality. Our greatest desire is to fulfill all of yours.
  • High Quality
  • On Time Delivery
  • Cost Effective Products
  • Exceptional Designs
  • Innovative and Strong Coding
  • Epic Ideas
  • Wide Array of Products and Services
  • 24×7 Support
  • We discuss and understand all your requirements, goals and demands. We listen tentatively to every single word you say so as to deliver the product of your dreams. We also have a Q&A session where we clear any and all doubts we have. Our terms and rates are established at this stage.
  • We start chalking out the specifications and start planning the entire course. We discuss our plans with you before we start the pipeline. At this stage we will define the scope of the project, display the wireframes and introduce the weekly phases of production.
  • We create a prototype based on the core concept and go over it with a fine toothed digital comb to ensure all its faults are detected and solved. This prototype will then be displayed to you and once confirmed, we move to the next stage.
  • The stage of creation begins. By this stage, all discussions have been manifested into a clear picture of the product. A documentation of our plans will be sent to you. Upon confirmation of the plan, the projected deadline and payment, we will begin the project.
  • A rigorous process of testing is performed to ensure that all bugs are worked out and that the final product meets the compatibility requirements and the approved specifications. This is a crucial step for us as we strive to have a perfect product waiting for you.
  • We deliver the finished product to you and celebrate its launch. Champagnes are not necessary but encouraged.
We Design | Web Development | Live Streaming
  • Saravana Infotech is a fast growing website design and development company located at Madurai, Tamil Nadu. We create innovative and futuristic web solutions to meet all your online requirements. All our projects are met with a systematic approach where we integrate the finest professional web designing skills with flawless coding to bring to you the product you deserve.
  • We offer customer oriented applications and services that are result oriented. Customer is king for us and we take great pride in developing and maintaining great and mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients. We do not believe in short relationships. Once you are with us, we will take you all the way up and make sure you stay at the top. We strive to meet any and all of your business needs.
  • As one of the rising web development companies in Madurai and in India as well, we design and develop aesthetically pleasing websites structured to create better visibility online and to build the brand efficiently and organically. We also provide both software products and software development services. Our revolutionary project management process involves our clients in a transparent manner during the entirety of the project. We also employ cost effective methods so as to always stick to the budget while creating the highest quality product one can get today. We innovate the methods by which we can help you reach your goals and bring your ideas to life.
  • We provide Web hosting, Bulk SMS / Email, E-Commerce, Live streaming of social functions and many more amazing services that give you the best online experiences you can get.