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Ramar Tech -short profile
Ramar Tech is an information systems consulting services company which has been operating out of Madurai since 2002. The company is owned by Prabhuram Ramamurthy, a certified information systems auditor.
The company current clientele include:
E.I.DuPont, eBMS solutions P. Ltd, Chennai and Dubai; Madurai Radha Logistics, TAFE, Temple city technologies and Khadi Village Industries among others. In the past decade, Ramar Tech has successfully designed, developed and deployed manufacturing, logistics and inventory/warehousing solutions in India, USA, Middle east, France, Singapore and Australia. It has partnered with other software companies in the areas of software architecture development, business logic components/API development and project management. It has its own private server, that hosts applications for its subscription based clientele. It is a strong believer of agile technologies and adopts Scrum for all its development. It also believes in shorter project cycles not exceeding 120 days. Larger projects are usually broken down to shorter sprints of 30 days which sometimes extends to a maximum of 90 days.
The Ramar Tech team:
As a CISA, Prabhuram Ramamurthy leads the projects as scrum master and architect. He also does risk profiling and Information systems audits for multinationals and high profile clients Balaji Govind is the project manager and technical lead for large projects. A post graduate in computer science with rich experience in microsoft .net technologies. He has managed large distributed application projects and customer sign-offs. He has been leading Ramar Tech for 6+ years. Ramkumar, a post graduate in computer science has been working on leading edge technologies and API development in .net. He is with Ramar Tech for 3+ years. Sankaranarayanan is a post graduate in computer science working on .net web related applications like dashboards. He is with Ramar Tech for 3+ years. Senthilkumar is a post graduate in computer science working on .net windows applications and PHP for logistics and inventory related clients. He is with Ramar Tech for 5+ years. Prasanna is a undergraduate in computer science and has been involved in Database and Server administration for Ramar Tech as well as its clients for the past 4+ years Ramar Tech has a team of 3 more junior programmers. It also has a 24 hours development/ support facility with broadband and UPS infrastructure to support international clients working across different timezones. For special projects, we partner with client software companies and use their resources for the project along with its own.
Integrity and work culture:
Strong work ethics and professionalism ensures that there are no conflict of interest between Ramar Tech and its client software companies.This has been demonstrated over the years it has worked with its partner software companies.