Welcome to SIDA Tamilnadu

It is obvious that in the IT success story of Tamilnadu, Madurai and the southern districts have missed the opportunities in the past while other cities like Chennai and Coimbatore enjoyed the maximum benefits. Now, the current trend indicates a slow recovery from a global recession, which is a natural phenomenon as far as any economy is concerned. But, IT still remains a highly potential industry, which can fuel the economy and we feel that Madurai should have its share of benefits at least now. SIDA with a vision of making this a reality would strive to create an appropriate ecosystem and convivial climate to enhance the growth of the IT sector in Madurai and the southern parts of Tamil Nadu.
SIDA will build bridge between Industry, Academy and Users to enhance the utility of IT and develop new opportunities for the benefit of all concerned. SIDA will organize conferences and exhibitions for upgrading the IT resource base of this region.
SIDA will coordinate with government departments to promote the e-governance practices, which would help the general public to enable speedy and corruption free transparent transactions with government organizations.